What is the general timeframe for work activity?
Construction activity is taking place daily on weekdays; there is also some limited work on Saturdays. We are working closely with the City of Murrieta to ensure that our work conforms to all applicable regulations and restrictions, but there is some unavoidable noise associated with the removal and crushing of the rock.

How much soil and rock material is being moved?
The involved areas are south of the existing neighborhoods south of Keller Road and will gradually see 500,000 cubic yards of material moved.

Are all of the rocks, boulders and hills on the property being removed?
No, a significant amount of the land with large rocks and boulders will remain as natural open space. The Alderwood property consists of 239 acres in total and of this amount, we will preserve 76 acres in perpetuity. That means nearly one-third of the entire property will forever remain untouched.

What is the purpose of the 15-foot berm?

The temporary 15-foot-high dirt berm was built in the summer of 2016, and it surrounds the rock-crushing equipment. The rock-crushing operation is located several hundred feet southeast of the existing neighborhoods south of Keller. The purpose of the berm is to deflect and reduce the noise that reaches the homes located north of the Alderwood property.